5th ISARRA Conference 22nd-24th May 2017 (Flight Week 15th - 19th May)

The fifth ISARRA conference will be co-hosted by the Scottish Association for Marine Science, near the Scottish sea port of Oban in the county of Argyll and Bute, and the MEt Office Research Facility in Cardington, England.

Argyll is famous worldwide for the Hogwart Express (the Glenfinnan Viaduct), James Bond friving through Geln Etive and Oban whiskey. It also hosts SAMS, with its North Atlantic Glider Base and the Scottish Marine Robotics Facility. 

The Cardington airfield was once the home to the two UK airships, the R100, and the R101 completed in 1929, and their two hangers (strictly speaking  'sheds') still exist, with Shed 1 now housing the Airlander.

ISARRA 2017 will continue our tradition of encouraging a week of collaborative UAV-based field work followed by a science-focused conference.

Further information regarding the flight operations week can be found here. Feel free to download and resend the isarra2017FieldFlyer

Further information regarding the Conference can be found here and again, feel free to download the isarra2017Flyer



Flight Week: 15th - 19th May, 2017

The Met Office research station at Cardington is home to the UK's tethered profiling system, and to ensure safe operations, the site has a permanent 1 nmi-radius exclusion zone to air traffic. In addition, the site hosts a variety of semi-permannent met and air chemistry installations. [page under construction]