ISARRA 2017: Flight Week


ISARRA 2017 will include a flying trials week based at Cardington, Bedfordshire, between 15th-19th May. The trials will include all aspects of UAV activity connected with atmospheric research with an emphasis on comparison of meteorological measurements between UAVs and the extensive suite of instrumentation based at Cardington. Activities can be tailored to suit requirements of attendees.

Facilities available

The Met Office site at Cardington consists of an approximately 18 hectare field instrumented with a wide range of meteorological instrumentation. Measurements include temperature, humidity and turbulence with heat fluxes at 2, 10, 25 and 50m above ground. Above 50m Doppler Lidar provides vertical velocity variance throughout the boundary layer. Other measurements include radiation, including thermal measurements of skin temperature and infra-red imagery, soil moisture and sub-soil parameters, microwave radiometry, ceilometers, and some basic atmospheric aerosol. Radiosoundings will be performed during the trial and can be released as required.
The facility includes hangar, Office, Lab and workshop space which will be available for attendees to use. The site enjoys its own segregated airspace allowing flight within an envelope of 1 nautical mile radius and 6000 feet AMSL altitude (~5900 feet AGL). If you have any particular requirements, please contact us as we may be able to help.


Monday 15th May will be an arrival and set-up day with flying trials commencing on the Tuesday through to Friday 19th. Activity will start around 0830 and flying can continue until 2000 Local time . Lunch will be provided Tuesday-Friday . Group evening meals can be arranged if required. It may be possible to present results from the trials at the main conference in Oban.



To register for the flying trials week please email your details to before 15th march 2017. An additional fee of £50/€60 is payable for attendance and should be paid into the Met Office bank account (bank details to follow) .

Travel and accommodation

Cardington is located in Bedfordshire, approximately 50 miles north of London at 52o 06' N, 0o 25.5' W. If you have any queries regarding transport or accommodation please contact Met Office Cardington.
A Map of the region can be found here